If you already hold a cash ISA with another provider, you can easily transfer your ISA to MarketsFlow in a few simple steps.

  1. Open a MarketsFlow ISA account.
  2. Contact your ISA provider to find out if you can transfer the total amount of your ISA and if there is any notice period that you need to give before requesting the transfer directly to the MarketsFlow account to avoid the loss of its current tax status.
  3. Inform your current ISA provider of your intent to transfer your ISA to MarketsFlow and get the address and email of the person or department we need to send the ISA transfer request to. Most providers require the transfer request form to be sent to them by post. It is therefore advisable to confirm with your provider how they would like the completed and signed form sent to them: the original copy that you completed and signed through the post or if a scan of the completed and signed copy can be sent to them by email.
  4. Please contact our support department so we can send you the ISA transfer request form for you to complete, sign and return to us through the post to: ISA Transfers, MarketsFlow Ltd, 41 Lothbury, London, EC2R 7HG, UK. Alternatively you can complete, sign, scan and return to us via email if your provider accepts the transfer documents via email.
  5. We will contact your ISA provider directly and send the ISA transfer request form to them.
  6. We will follow up on the request if we do not hear back within 4 days from your ISA provider.
  7. Once we receive the transfer confirmation and the deposit has been made into the MarketsFlow bank account, we will assign the funds to your MarketsFlow.
  8. As per the transfer request, your provider will then need to send the ISA transfer Certificate to MarketsFlow, so we can register the transfer with HMRC as required.

You can find out more about MarketsFlow here.

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