As a thank you for opening your account, MarketsFlow will deposit a free “bonus” amount on top of your investment for all deposits you make to your account within 21 days (3 weeks) of opening your MarketsFlow account!
The returns will be calculated on your deposit + the bonus amount to help you achieve your goals a little faster. To find out what the bonus amount for your investment will be, please see the rewards table below.

An example of a “bonus” amount as shown in the second row of the rewards table is that for any amount between £100 and £999, MarketsFlow will add an extra 1% free “bonus” amount to your investment! 

Disclaimer: Please note that the bonus amount + the returns from that amount can only be withdrawn from your account 6 months from the respective deposit they were awarded to. Your actual base deposit amount can be withdrawn at any time as per our Terms and Conditions.

You can also read about the account opening rewards on our website.

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