To sign up to MarketsFlow accessible portfolios using our app:

  1. Download the app for android or iOS (iphone).
  2. Click on the app icon. You will see the screen below. Tap "Sign up"

3. Enter your details, create a secure password of at least 8 characters including Capitals, numbers and special characters (eg. $&!). Then open the link to read our terms and conditions, save a copy  for future reference and tick the box to state that you agree to our terms and conditions. Tap "Join now" to go to the next screen.

4. This is the screen where you can select your product - Managed Portfolio or ISA 

and your portfolio type - High Growth or Growth. Once you have finished with your selections tap "Confirm" to go to the next screen.

5. For both the Managed Portfolio and the ISA selection, the Financial information screen is the same. Fill in the information - it is all required for MarketsFlow to be compliant - tap on the link "terms and conditions" to read them and then tick the box.
Tap "Next" to go to the next screen.

6. For compliance purposes please scan or take a clearly legible picture of your passport including the signature page (or drivers licence) and proof of address (utility bill, council tax statement) and upload them to our system by tapping "Browse" respectively.

This is the sign-up process completed. To start investing your funds please enter the amount you would like to invest, tap anywhere on the screen and then tap "I MADE THIS TRANSFER" to help us match your deposit to your account once we receive the funds.
You will then need to go to your bank's online or phone banking facility and transfer the stated amount to the MarketsFlow bank details as shown on your screen and below. You can find more information on how to fund your MarketsFlow account here.

You can find out more about MarketsFlow here.

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