Refer your friends and family to MarketsFlow and earn up to £250 in rewards!

Help your friends and family benefit from investing in the uniquely managed MarketsFlow portfolios and earn up to £250 or 50% of their "New Account rewards" as a bonus to your account!
(Don’t worry, the rewards will not be taken from your friend’s account!)

So you are thinking that MarketsFlow investment portfolios could benefit your friends and that you would like to refer them to us?

You can now use our new “Referral” app feature. Just a couple of taps and your friend will receive a personal invitation email to join MarketsFlow and you will both earn rewards!

You will receive 50% of their New Account Reward value. This will not affect your friend's reward as the amount is a separate bonus awarded by MarketsFlow to your account.
So for example if your family or friend deposit £2000 in their new account, you will receive £12.50 as a free bonus in your account.
(This reward can only be withdrawn after 6 months from your account.)

Your friend(s) and family will receive the New Account Reward as per the MarketsFlow "New Account Rewards" Table in whole.
So if your family or friend deposits £2000, they will receive a bonus of £25 in their MarketsFlow account.

Plus their investment will be expertly managed in their chosen MarketsFlow portfolio(s). You can see our portfolio performance here.

How to refer a friend:

1. Log in to the MarketsFlow app and tap the Hamburger menu on the top left. 

2. From the list of features tap on “Referral”

3. The “Referral” screen will come up.

4. Enter your friend’s email on the Referral screen. If you want to invite more friends tap the
 + Add Email

5. When you have finished adding all the friends and family you want to refer at this point, tap the “Send Code” button.

Your friend(s) or family will receive a personalised email with a unique Referral code which will indicate that you have referred them. 

Once they sign up and make a deposit, they will receive their account opening (new account) rewards and you will receive up to £250 or 50% of the value of their "Account Opening Reward" as a free bonus to your investment account. 

You can read more about MarketsFlow here.

(Please note that all "New account rewards" need to be invested with the original amount for at least 6 moths for you to be able to request the account balance + any reward amount to be withdrawn to your bank account. Of course you can withdraw your deposit + any profit/loss on the original deposit at any time.)

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